Coconut & Grape Jello

Coconut & Grape Jello

This incredible Coconut and Grape Jello by @evangelineez is the perfect entertaining dessert for summer catch ups.

Coconut jelly

Yong coconut x 2
Coconut Cream 120g
condensed milk 30g
light cream 120g
gelatine leaves x 3 (approx. 6g)
Grape Jelly
1/2 cup of freshly squeezed juice
1/2 water
gelatine leaves x 3 (approx. 6g)
Sugar (optional)
Coconut Jello
Soak the gelatine leaves in cold water.
Pour all the liquid ingredient into a pot, warm it up and stir it slowly, low heat until it simmers.
Put the soaked gelatine leaves into the pot and stir for 2 mins until all dissolved.
Grape Jello
Blend the fresh grape into juice, filter the juice and warm it up, put the soaked gelatine leaves into the pot until dissolved.
To create the marble effect, pour the grape jelly mixture first put it into the fridge to set.
You need to carefully monitor the jello, gently shake the container to check the texture. before it is completely set, pour the room temperature coconut mixture slowly into one side of the grape jello. The coconut mixture will slowly infuse it into the grape jello and creating the marble effect.
To finish, you can use edible cake sprinkles, pearls, or edible flower, I used dried pink cornflower.